About Me

Hi there, I just really wanted to introduce myself to you all.

The whole point of this site is to eradicate bad coffee from the world. If everyone in the coffee trade were to read this site they would at least have a clue as to what makes a great coffee.

It would also help if people would complain if they were served a poor quality cup. So, support the Revolution locally and spread the word.

I am a massive coffee fan. Oh look it’s time for a coffee break, back soon.

I started out being weaned on coffee, milk just didn’t do it for me so, my mum put Cappuccino and Americano in my baby bottle.

My first words were Coffee and Espresso. I would only walk when we went on family days out to the local coffee house.


I was mocked and beaten up regularly at school because I didn’t drink fizzy drinks and usually had a cup of coffee in my hand.

When I left school I wanted to go into some form of coffee business but, due to a simple misunderstanding, I signed up for a degree course to be a Barrister instead of a Barista. It was hard going, but the coffee breaks were really good and kept me interested. After 6 years I was handed my law degree. I still hadn’t learned very much about coffee and it was then that I realised it was the wrong course!

I set up my own law firm and decided to sue the university for misrepresentation. Sadly my case was thrown out of court as I missed my appearance when a coffee break over ran.

I then embarked on a world tour to taste every type of coffee out there. At one point I had so much caffeine in my blood stream I was unable to remain still and hadn’t slept for 14 weeks straight. I did get quicker going from place to place though. Then I run out of money. It seems that coffee shops around the world charge so much for coffee that I spent the remainder of my student loan and had to come home after 30 days despite not bothering with food.

Right that’s the coffee break over and I’m back.

Wow I don’t remember typing all of that. I guess my ghost writer must have dropped in while I was away from my desk.

Hopefully it’s all accurate but I’ll just click publish and go and have another coffee. Enjoy the rest of the site.