Best espresso descalers

If you want to keep your machine in top condition the single most important thing you can do is descale it regularly.

When water is heated up the solid particles in the water separate and form over the heating element and inside the coffee maker.

In hard water areas this can happen at an alarmingly quick rate. Continue reading Best espresso descalers

Frothing Milk: A Guide

How To Froth Milk For Coffee Like Cappuccino And Flat White

Frothing milk is key to making many coffee drinks such as cappuccino, espresso, mocha, Americano, Latte, Macchiato, Flat White and others.

If you’re young, enthusiastic about coffee and do not have the equipment for making these more complex and sophisticated kinds of coffees and frothing milk for them, then you need a simpler, do-it-yourself guide. Continue reading Frothing Milk: A Guide

Pour over coffee

A Complete Guide To Pour Over Coffee

As a coffee lover or expert brewer, you might have noticed the increasing buzz over pour over coffee, and you have probably been wondering what it is.

I remember watching in awe as my barista slowly poured water from a strange looking kettle with a long spout, into a bed of ground coffee placed in a little funnel-like device and I wondered why he was taking so much time to make a simple cup of coffee. He turned making a simple coffee into a ritual.

Impressed by the amount of time and finesse he used on this particular cup, I decided to look further into pour over coffee. When I took a sip of the coffee, I understood why it was clean and fresh – a revolution. Now I find myself brewing my coffee with my brand new pour over cone every other day at home. Continue reading Pour over coffee

Roasting coffee at home

Coffee Roasting Process

If this is your first attempt at roasting coffee, then this post is definitely for you. In this section, we will give a detailed step-by-step guide on how to effectively roast your coffee beans for great tasting coffee.

Roasting coffee at home can be as fun and easy as you want it to be. You can easily roast your coffee beans in your oven, skillet or even a popcorn popper! Continue reading Roasting coffee at home

Descaling an espresso machine

If you live in a hard water area it is a good idea to descale your espresso maker frequently as the build up can eventually cause a blockage and descaling becomes incredibly hard.

A scaled machine makes poor coffee as flow and pressure are affected and in bad cases the heating element is almost ineffective. Continue reading Descaling an espresso machine

A review of Pod coffee machines

When choosing a pod coffee maker there are so many to choose from. We would recommend taking a look at the various types of pods on offer and then choosing a machine based on that.

Personally we will always choose a ground coffee maker as there is more choice and you have great control over the amount of coffee in each shot and the tamping process, all of which influence the flavor. Continue reading A review of Pod coffee machines

Indonesian vs Greek vs Indian vs Turkish vs Italian coffee

Every part of the world has their own way of brewing coffee. Something I found very interesting is that in regions that are world renowned for their coffee quality, the bulk of people drink coffee in very “primitive” ways.

Most of the following are simply coffee grounds added to simmering or hot water and poured out. Continue reading Indonesian vs Greek vs Indian vs Turkish vs Italian coffee

Brewing greek coffee

A simple coffee using finely ground beans and prepared in a traditional stove top method is quite easy to make.

Use a stove top pan or Briki, and finely ground coffee. For our Greek coffee we prefer to use Brazilian Santos or Java beans. Typically Arabica grown in the milder lower part of the coffee belt gives ideal tasting notes for Greek coffee. Continue reading Brewing greek coffee

Alternatives to milk for coffee

A few weeks ago I found myself the proud owner of a milk allergy. I never realized how much it limited my choice when it comes to coffee leaving me with an Americano or espresso.

I really like my Flat whites and Cortados, and sadly due to the amount of milk in them I am unable to order them so this page explores my foray into milk alternatives for all you like minded milk allergy sufferers. Continue reading Alternatives to milk for coffee

The waves of coffee

In the coffee world, a set of revolutionary technological advancements, when coupled together, declare a new “wave,” or point at which coffee became drastically more accessible than it was beforehand, or a shift in popular demand was significant enough to warrant specialty types of coffee.

Currently, there are three waves of coffee advancements that are recognized by the bulk of coffee lovers, with some even subtly declaring a fourth wave. Continue reading The waves of coffee

Coffee consumption trends

The world loves coffee, so much so, that over 2 billion cups are consumed per day. In the United States and United Kingdom, overall coffee consumption has increased dramatically in the past 10 years, and show no signs of stopping.

In the United States, the daily consumption of espresso based beverages has tripled since 2008, with a 45% increase in third-wave branded coffee.

This has partly to do with the widespread growth of places to get quality coffee, such as third-wave cafes, and the ever-present blossoming of Starbucks’ Reserve line stores. Continue reading Coffee consumption trends

Tamping coffee

Being able to pull perfect espresso shots is a skill every barista needs, but in order to pull such shots, one must perfect the art of tamping ground coffee in the portafilter.

Note that this article is mainly for those not using super-automatic espresso machines that do the grinding, tamping, and pulling, all in one button push. Continue reading Tamping coffee

Instant vs fresh coffee

While many coffee aficionados tend to stay away from instant coffee, it make up around 13% of all coffee consumed.

And with there being over 100 million daily coffee drinkers in the United States alone, that 13% is quite substantial.

Though, when comparing instant coffee to freshly ground and brewed coffee, there are tons of pros and cons. Continue reading Instant vs fresh coffee

How Instant coffee is produced

First invented in the 1770’s in Britain, instant coffee wasn’t able to easily be produced in mass quantities until much later in 1910, when the instant coffee business started to really take off.

There are two main ways that instant coffee is produced, the first uses dry hot air to absorb the moisture in the coffee, and the other uses a freeze drying process. Continue reading How Instant coffee is produced

How is coffee decaffeinated

The Truth about “Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee”

Many brands of coffee promote their decaf as ‘Naturally Decaffeinated’.

This might conjure up images of obliging coffee plants producing caffeine free beans or coffee producers tempting the caffeine out of the coffee beans with videos of baby pandas sneezing.

How to decaffeinate coffee

The truth has rather more to do with clever industrial processes than with nature. Continue reading How is coffee decaffeinated

Coffee Pod vs espresso machines

Brewing coffee nowadays is about as easy it gets, with machines able to brew and pull espresso shots just by inserting a pod and pushing a button. But how do these pod espresso machines compare to more traditional espresso machines, in which the user grinds and tamps the coffee beans?

Pod espresso machines, as the name suggests, use disposable plastic capsules that are full of coffee grounds to brew. Continue reading Coffee Pod vs espresso machines


Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions, in one easy reference page. The site expands on most of these topics further so please use the search function for more information. Continue reading FAQ’s

Guide to coffee regions

With the seemingly endless amount of coffee beans produced in a plethora of growing regions each year to keep up with the demand of billions, coffee aficionados strive to find the best of the best.

One might wonder, “why don’t these people just grow their own coffee?” And while that is a legitimate question, growing coffee is a complicated process that can only be done successfully in certain parts of the world, specifically areas between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Continue reading Guide to coffee regions

Which bar pressure espresso machine

When shopping for an espresso machine, among the millions of features advertised is the bar pressure rating of the machine, meaning how much pressure is used to force the water through the coffee grounds in the portafilter.

Bars are a measurement of atmospheric pressure, so one bar of pressure is equal to the amount of natural pressure at sea level, meaning 10 bars is 10 times the amount of pressure at sea level. Continue reading Which bar pressure espresso machine

10 espresso myths

Let’s take a look at some commonly held myths about espresso and put some facts out there.

1. What is the crema, and why is it so obsessed over?

Crema is the lighter cascading portion of an espresso shot, that slowly dissipates the longer the shot sits.

Crema is responsible for a ton of the espresso shot’s flavor, and is relied upon by those who make latte art. While striving to pull shots with perfect crema, there are a ton of variables that one should try to account for, such as the roast of the beans, how fresh they are, the kind of beans being used, and also the machine itself. Continue reading 10 espresso myths

French press vs chemex

When comparing the French press and a Chemex, one of the only similarities between the two is the fact they both brew coffee. While their differences are substantial, their impact on the coffee world is just as much so.

Invented in the early 1900’s, the French press takes advantage of a full immersion style of brewing; meaning the coffee grounds and water are steeped together, as opposed to the water just passing through a bed of grounds. Continue reading French press vs chemex

Cleaning a drip coffee maker

Drip coffee makers come in all shapes and styles; from inexpensive models up to models up in the hundreds of dollars.

One thing these different machines have in common though, is that they need to be descaled and deep cleaned every so often to ensure the quality of coffee is always high.

If a coffee brewer isn’t cleaned, it runs the risk of negatively impacting the flavor of the coffee, or just flat out breaking if the heating element is clogged with hard water buildup. Continue reading Cleaning a drip coffee maker

Bean to cup or machine & separate grinder?

With all of the massive improvements in technology in the past 30 years, it’s bound to happen that some of this new technology would wind up in the coffee world.

Coffee nowadays is easier to brew that it ever has been, with users able to get coffee within a few moments of pushing a single button; thanks to a built in grinder in a bean to cup machine. But while machines like this are convenient, how do they stack up to a more traditional setup of a coffee maker, or espresso machine, coupled with a capable grinder? Continue reading Bean to cup or machine & separate grinder?