Coffee without a coffee maker

Camping coffee – cowboy coffee brewing!

Making coffee yourself while traveling, especially while camping, is no easy feat. Either you have to travel light to avoid paying extra fees at the airport, or you lack the electricity to use a standard coffee pot. In any situation, here are a few ways you can make coffee using a minimum amount of stuff.

First off, in all of these situations, the option of freshly ground of pre-ground coffee is up to you. If you are somewhere that does not have electricity, the Hario Skerton hand coffee grinder is a popular choice for many. Continue reading Coffee without a coffee maker

Coffee canisters and containers

Coffee is expensive, especially good coffee. While it may not cost as much as a diamond ring, or put a hole in your wallet equivalent to filling the gas tank of a Hummer, everyone wants to have their coffee beans last as long as possible.

Storing coffee is not as difficult as it may seem, though, there are some caveats. Just what do you do after opening that bag of freshly roasted coffee beans? Continue reading Coffee canisters and containers

Indian filter coffee

Making Indian coffee

Indian filter coffee, as it is known, is the traditional coffee beverage of India. This beverage is great for relaxing after a long day, and unsurprisingly popular when you taste how smooth the final coffee is.

It is wonderfully simple to make and produces a very nice smooth tasting drink. Continue reading Indian filter coffee

Buying the best home espresso machine

When shopping for a home espresso machine, it is easy to feel bombarded by the numerous brands, functions, and styles of machines. Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping!

For me, one of the main features I prefer is a manual/traditional steam wand, meaning that technique is needed to properly steam milk.

Continue reading Buying the best home espresso machine

Italian stove top Moka pot

Italian Moka pot Coffee maker

In 1933, an Italian man named Alfonso Bialetti designed the first stovetop espresso machine, dubbed the Bialetti Moka Express. During this time period, people in Italy only had one choice when it came to getting delicious espresso, and that was to go to a cafe.

The Moka pot revolutionized the way people in Italy consumed coffee, making it easily brewable in a home setting. Continue reading Italian stove top Moka pot

Wacaco Minpresso Review and guide

Have you ever been traveling or camping, and you crave the sweet flavor of espresso, but there is no cafe in sight?

The Wacaco Minipresso just might be the product for you. This portable and hand held espresso machine is simple to use, and produces very drinkable espresso shots.

Continue reading Wacaco Minpresso Review and guide

Coffee Tasting

Here is a step by step guide to drinking coffee! To fully appreciate the coffee and assess it quality an expert will adopt a methodical approach and some of this method will allow you to fully appreciate every sip of coffee you take.

Coffee tasting, or cupping as it also goes by, is the art of trying to taste and smell everything about a specific type of brewed coffee in order to build a flavor profile for it. When cupping, there are numerous things people look for, including aroma, taste, and mouthfeel. Continue reading Coffee Tasting

Making Turkish coffee

What is Turkish coffee.

Turkish coffee, sometimes known as Greek coffee, has quite the history. The Turkish coffee brewing method is unlike any other, not only is it a full immersion brewing method, but the coffee grounds stay in the cup you drink from.

There is an old saying that describes Turkish coffee, saying it should be, “black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love,” meaning that the coffee should not have milk, it should be strong, but with an optional sweetness. Continue reading Making Turkish coffee

Avoiding sour or bitter coffee

If your coffee has a very sour or bitter taste it could be down to the following factors. So if you are struggling to work out why your coffee tastes bitter or sour read on and take note.

However if you like lemons, vinegar, bitter greens and sour sweets then you can use this information to make your coffee even more bitter or sour!

Coffee is very much a matter of personal preference and taste. Some people appreciate a hint of bitterness in their coffee whereas others prefer a nice smooth taste. Our aim here is to help you to adjust your coffee making method to produce the taste you prefer. Continue reading Avoiding sour or bitter coffee

Compare coffee types

Many people get confused with popular coffees so we are going to take a look at the most common ones people compare and see the differences in our coffee 1 vs coffee 2 guide.

Because coffees can have similar names or due to unfamiliarity it can be confusing so hopefully this simple pocket guide will help sort our the nuances of difference between the coffees. Continue reading Compare coffee types

Guide to making good coffee

We often get asked how to make a good coffee. There is a wide variation on opinion as to what a good coffee actually is.

However there are some priorities that you should pay attention to if you are serious about the quality of your coffee.

For good coffee we recommend you focus on the following priorities (in order of importance)… Continue reading Guide to making good coffee

Most expensive coffees in the world.

In most hobbies, there are entry level products, mid level products, and higher end products. With fountain pen collecting, some pens cost only a couple dollars, while some can cost a few thousand dollars.

Coffee is very similar in this sense, meaning that there is inexpensive coffee that is widely available, and there is some coffee that costs hundreds of dollars per pound. Here is a list, in no order, of some of the most prized coffee in the world.

Continue reading Most expensive coffees in the world.

Frothing milk for coffee

Foamed or frothed milk is a crucial part of some espresso based drinks, such as lattes and cappuccinos, seeing how it is often the only other ingredient involved. While just about all coffee shops steam their milk using an espresso machine, there are a few ways to do it at home that can yield steamed milk just as good as an espresso machine.

As far as frothing milk on an espresso machine, there are two different styles of steam wands offered by manufactures. One being the standard manual steam wand that requires proper technique, and the other being known as a Pannarello wand, which will automatically aerate the milk to perfection, without any input from the user. Continue reading Frothing milk for coffee

Cleaning Espresso makers

Espresso machines are the heart and soul of the professional and home cafe world. But, much like cars, espresso machines of all makes and models require preventative maintenance to be done on them to ensure their lifespan.

Be it the tiny steam powered espresso machine that can be purchased at any supermarket, or the kind seen in professional cafes that cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, all of them need some love now and again. In this article, I will focus mainly on semi-automatic machines, as they are some of the most common ones used. Continue reading Cleaning Espresso makers

How to do a leaf design on a flat white

Latte art: the beautiful designs made in espresso beverages that highlight the contrast between the white milk, and the dark espresso.

The trend started around the 1980’s and 1990’s, and latte art has been a growing trend in the professional cafe business, and home barista. Chances are, if you frequently go to a cafe, you’ve had one of these masterpieces perched atop your latte at one time or another. Continue reading How to do a leaf design on a flat white

Siphon coffee makers

First made in the 1940’s, the vacuum, or siphon, coffee maker looks like it came straight from a chemistry set, and they pretty much are.

Siphon coffee makers come in several shapes and forms, but they are all fundamentally the same thing, and can range greatly in price, and aesthetic. Continue reading Siphon coffee makers

French Press

The French press (cafetiere) coffee maker has been around since the late 1950’s, and is touted as one of the best ways to get an extremely flavorful cup of coffee without any complicated steps.

Coffee connoisseurs across the globe declare the French press as their preferred method to brew coffee when they are doing tastings. Continue reading French Press

Creating awesome Latte Art

Here we have some great examples of Latte art or coffee art.

These designs are made by getting the milk to the right micro foamed pour consistency and wiggling the milk into the coffee.

It takes practice both to get the milk right and to develop the correct pour and

flow technique.

Generally you’ll start to pour from high up to mix the milk and create a smooth light brown canvas. Then moving the jug from side to side and across the cup create the veins (this is quite a slow precise movement) then stream the milk up the middle to create the center vein.

The popular leaf design takes around 70 attempts before you get a feel for it and can do it consistently. Continue reading Creating awesome Latte Art

Roasting coffee beans

Coffee roasting is a massive part of drinking coffee. In fact, it is almost impossible to drink or make coffee from unroasted green beans, as they are as hard as rocks after they are initially dried by the farmers.

The coffee roasting process can take years to master, and involves a large amount patience and skill, as roasting even a couple second longer could ruin the coffee beans, or even set them on fire. Continue reading Roasting coffee beans

Revvivare shot

Revvivare shots get their name from the Italian word Ravvivare meaning to revive. It was popularized in the UK and has quickly gained popularity through Europe and into Australia and New Zealand. It is essentially a double Cortissimo shot with a caffeine hit making it an ideal morning coffee.

Here are the methods and tips on making a good Revvivare shot.

Continue reading Revvivare shot