Caffeine Addiction Test Quiz

Fill out the test questions below to see if you are a caffeine addict, or a coffee connoisseur in our online addiction quiz.

Disadvantages of Caffeine (in excess)

It is surprising how many people who take our test are actually addicted and totally dependent on caffeine.

Too much caffeine can be bad for us, it causes hypertension (high blood pressure), irregular heart beat and irritability and puts a strain on our system, plus it costs a fortune to buy coffee to feed our habit every time we go out.

Advantages of Caffeine (in moderation)

A little caffeine is a beneficial stimulant, boosting our metabolism and gets the blood pumping round our system faster, perfect for those about to exercise.

Caffeine reduces the risk of diabetes and cuts the risk of stroke. It boosts memory and according to a Rutgers University study helps prevent skin cancer.

Cut down a little if you are concerned about your health or your results in our caffeine addiction test. Many people assume all coffee is bad and drop from 9 cups per day to none. 2-3 cups per day may be beneficial.

Don’t worry about caffeine poisoning as it will take around 50-100 cups of coffee to provide a potentially lethal 500mg dose of caffeine!

Bear in mind that a Ristretto shot, tastes great but contains less caffeine than a regular espresso shot. Decaffeinated coffee has also come a long way, read how to remove caffeine from coffee beans to see the advances.

Enjoy your coffee and join the Coffee Revolution, hopefully together we can rid the world of mundane and bad coffee!