Cortissimo shot

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Cortissimo shot

Cortissimo shots are used as the base for many other drinks particularly the flat white and Cortado but work well in other coffee options if you prefer a stronger taste and less caffeine.

Here are the methods and tips on making a good Cortissimo shot.

Use 20 grams of ground coffee per Cortissimo shot.

Cortissimo Grind: Fine
Method:  Extraction with hot water under very high pressure, yes lots of water pressure. A fast short extraction is the key here. Tamp the coffee really firmly to maximize the extraction.

Duration: Extract 0.7 ounces per shot under high pressure. Extraction time is shorter than an Espresso and slightly shorter than a Ristretto.

Crema should be golden brown with a sweet taste. The shot produced has less caffeine than an espresso or Ristretto shot and boasts a sweet sugary smooth texture and intensely strong coffee taste.

Serve: In a regular cup and top up with micro foamed milk to make a flat white or Cortado coffee.