Dalgona Coffee

This coffee originated in Korea and has recently received much social media exposure.

As the world enters lockdown and people have time on their hands and miss out on going to the local coffee shops they are presumably looking to create unique coffee based drinks at home.

The Dalgona looks like an upside down cappuccino.

The coffee is frothed and placed on top of the milk and best of all this can be served hot or cold.

What you need to make a Dalgona Coffee

To make a Dalgona coffee you need.

2 tbsp of instant coffee powder

2 tbsp of sugar

2 tbsp of hot water (just off the boil)

You can replace the hot water and coffee powder with 4tbsp of a ristretto coffee shot but it needs to be quite gloopy and thick to work.


Add the coffee powder & water (or ristretto shot) to the sugar and whisk this with a blender, hand whisk or throthing wand. It will turn into a velvety texture very quickly.

Whilst you were doing this heat the milk, we find around 70 degrees perfect for this.

Spoon over the coffee mixture so it floats on the milk.

There you have it, a Dalgona Coffee, and it should only take a few minutes of your time.

It will be very sweet and refreshing and can be chilled or even iced for the ultimate summer drink.