Hand vs electric grinders

The process of grinding coffee beans is pretty essential to brewing. The only type of coffee I know of that does not use ground beans, is a type made for cupping. There are tons of different ways to grind coffee, such as an electric grinder, hand grinder, or even mashing the beans between a couple […]

Best coffee grinders

When making coffee, one of the essentials is making sure the coffee is ground to fit the brewing method. To start off, there are three types of grinders that most people use: a blade grinder, a conical burr grinder, and a flat burr grinder.

Best grinds for each brew method

With every coffee making contraption, be it a French press or the traditional coffee machine that is in the break room of offices across the world comes a vital choice concerning the grind. It is important to find the best grind size for the type of coffee you’re making. Too fine of a grind, and […]