Guide to making good coffee

We often get asked how to make a good coffee. There is a wide variation on opinion as to what a good coffee actually is.

However there are some priorities that you should pay attention to if you are serious about the quality of your coffee.

For good coffee we recommend you focus on the following priorities (in order of importance)…ground-coffee

  1. Freshness of the roast, anything over 1 week old even if packaged well or frozen will be noticeably less flavorsome than freshly roasted coffee.
  2. The grind is the next most important thing. The grinder should produce consistent sized coffee grinds. Cheaper grinders create fine powder particles which create mud in the cup and block the coffee machine filters. Coarse grinds produce less flavor than finer ones. A ceramic blade grinder will minimize the loss of oils and aroma through heat.
  3. Bean choice, blend and roast. As this is subjective we all have different tastes but you can’t make a good coffee if you have the wrong type of bean or roast. Learn what you like and buy your coffee to suit your taste.
  4. Barista, the skill of the person pulling the coffee shot, knowing how to time it, avoid scorching the grinds and extracting the flavor fully.
  5. Finally the coffee machine, this is the thing that has the least impact on flavor. We have had really nice coffee from a budget stove top coffee maker and bad coffee from a professional grade espresso machine. Generally speaking you want high pressure and low temperatures when extracting your shot.
  6. Finally your choice of milk and milk foamer will impact the final flavor and texture. Choose semi skimmed milk for most drinks but many prefer the taste of full fat milk. Milk should never be scorched or caramalised or you’ll have a nasty sweet base note to your drink.


It surprises many people to discover the impact and priorities of each of these items but most experts will agree on these rankings.

Paper filters actually reduce many of the harmful components of coffee and provide a crisp clean taste. For this reason you’ll appreciate the pour over, drip and Aeropress coffee makers.