Indian filter coffee

Making Indian coffee

Indian filter coffee, as it is known, is the traditional coffee beverage of India. This beverage is great for relaxing after a long day, and unsurprisingly popular when you taste how smooth the final coffee is.

It is wonderfully simple to make and produces a very nice smooth tasting drink.lungo-americano

    • To brew it, you will need the traditional Indian filter brewer, whole milk, finely ground coffee, and hot water.
    • First, set about two cups or so of water to boil, as well as about a cup or so of whole milk to simmer, and then disassemble the brewer. The amount of coffee and everything else is really up to the user, but a few tablespoons of fine-medium coffee will work fine, depending on the size of your brewer.
    • After the coffee is ground, scoop it into the designated section in the brewer on the steel filter, and cover it with the small metal dome filter.
    • Once the water is on the brink of boiling, add a small amount of water. It is best to add the water in small amounts at a time, as it will help develop the flavor much better, as opposed to adding all the water at once.

This process brews pretty concentrated coffee known as a decoction, so you usually won’t need too much of it.

By now, the milk should be close to a simmer, so pour it into a bowl large enough, followed by the coffee decoction and any desired sugar.

Transfer the coffee and milk mixture into another bowl from a high distance, and back into the original one a few times.

The goal with this is to build up a bit of foam on top, and to evenly mix the coffee and sugar into the milk. Once you feel it is mixed enough, go ahead and divide it into cups, or drink all of it yourself; either way, the taste is fantastic.