Kopi Tubruk coffee

Making Indonesian Kopi Tubruk

In Indonesia, a drink called Kopi Tubruk is among one of the most consumed coffee beverages.

This drink is similar to Turkish coffee, in the sense that the coffee grounds are left in the cup after the brewing process has been completed.

While it might sound appeitising, Kopi Tubruk is actually very drinkable.lungo-americano

  • To make it, simply scoop one heaping tablespoon of finely ground coffee into a 12ish ounce mug as well as any desired sugar; in Indonesia, beer mugs are very common.
  • Bring some water to almost a boil. It is crucial that the water not reach a full rolling boil, as it will change the water slightly.
  • Once the water is properly heated, simply fill the mug with it, stir well, and then let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
  • During this 3-5 minute period, all the coffee grounds will slowly fall and settle at the bottom, allowing you to drink without getting a mouth full of dregs.

Despite the plethora of coffee brewers I have, I make this style of coffee more frequently than I’d like to admit.

It is fantastic for those days where I do not want to deal with anything.