Creating awesome Latte Art

Here we have some great examples of Latte art or coffee art.

These designs are made by getting the milk to the right micro foamed pour consistency and wiggling the milk into the coffee.

It takes practice both to get the milk right and to develop the correct pour and

flow technique.

Generally you’ll start to pour from high up to mix the milk and create a smooth light brown canvas. Then moving the jug from side to side and across the cup create the veins (this is quite a slow precise movement) then stream the milk up the middle to create the center vein.

The popular leaf design takes around 70 attempts before you get a feel for it and can do it consistently.

Please send us your photographs of latte art and we will include them here. email webmaster@ this website domain and mark it Latte art please (we will be happy to credit the barista or cafe by name).

Cortado Art in Costa Sandwich, Kent.

flat-whiteProduced by The Lane in Deal, Kent (my favorite local coffee shop)



Spiders web- spiral the milk then drag it out with a stencil tool.

flowerman-latte-artOr you could just make a smiley flower design!