Mocha Coffee recipe

For chocolate and coffee lovers around the world, the mocha is the ideal drink; a mix of smooth and sweet chocolate, coupled with decadent espresso shots, perfectly steamed milk, and topped off with whip cream.

It is also a great introduction to coffee for those who are used to sweeter drinks.

The mocha is a staple drink in big name and local cafes alike, as it pleases the sweet tooth, and inner coffee addict in many. Thankfully, it is not difficult at all to make these drinks; if you can make a latte, then your mocha will turn out amazing.


One of the hardest choices with the mocha, is trying to decide what kind of chocolate you want to use.

There is dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and other varieties, all of which come in syrup and in a powdered form.

Dark chocolate will yield a deeper and less sweet mocha, where as milk and white chocolate will be sweeter, with white chocolate being the most sweet.

I prefer to use chocolate sauce, also known as a syrup, because it is easier to mix into the espresso and steamed milk, and does not subtract from the overall creaminess of the drink.

Though, a mocha can be made with something as simple as your favorite powdered hot chocolate mix, or even melting a couple pieces of chocolate with the steamed milk and espresso.

First, begin to make a normal latte using your favorite milk, and choice of coffee. I have found that coffee from Guatemala works wonderfully with dark and milk chocolate, as the coffee itself naturally has a slight coco taste to it. While chocolate in syrup form can be added before or after the espresso shots are pulled into the mug, I suggest if using any form of powder, to add it after the shots. Adding the chocolate powder after shots will prevent it from clumping up at the bottom.

Once the chocolate has been swirled around in the cup with the espresso, pour in the steamed milk, while still slightly swirling the mug to help evenly incorporate all the ingredients. After everything is looking pretty in the cup, whip cream can be used to top it off, followed by spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or even more chocolate powder.

But don’t stop with just this, you can also add other syrups such as peppermint to make what is known as a peppermint mocha, or you can even skip the espresso shots to make a delicious hot chocolate; the possibilities with chocolate and coffee are almost endless.

You could add a little hot chilli powder for something that really peps you up. Or a little cinnamon helps add a soothing warmth to the mocha.