Making the perfect Espresso

We are often asked what makes a perfect espresso? There is no simple answer, as this is subjective and different people have different criteria when choosing an espresso shot.

Dalgona Coffee

This coffee originated in Korea and has recently received much social media exposure. As the world enters lockdown and people have time on their hands and miss out on going to the local coffee shops they are presumably looking to create unique coffee based drinks at home.

Brewing greek coffee

A simple coffee using finely ground beans and prepared in a traditional stove top method is quite easy to make. Use a stove top pan or Briki, and finely ground coffee. For our Greek coffee we prefer to use Brazilian Santos or Java beans. Typically Arabica grown in the milder lower part of the coffee […]

Indian filter coffee

Making Indian coffee Indian filter coffee, as it is known, is the traditional coffee beverage of India. This beverage is great for relaxing after a long day, and unsurprisingly popular when you taste how smooth the final coffee is. It is wonderfully simple to make and produces a very nice smooth tasting drink.

Kopi Tubruk coffee

Making Indonesian Kopi Tubruk In Indonesia, a drink called Kopi Tubruk is among one of the most consumed coffee beverages. This drink is similar to Turkish coffee, in the sense that the coffee grounds are left in the cup after the brewing process has been completed.

Making Turkish coffee

What is Turkish coffee. Turkish coffee, sometimes known as Greek coffee, has quite the history. The Turkish coffee brewing method is unlike any other, not only is it a full immersion brewing method, but the coffee grounds stay in the cup you drink from. There is an old saying that describes Turkish coffee, saying it […]

Tuning your espresso maker

Espresso machines are the heart and soul of the professional and home cafe world, and are required to make high quality espresso based beverages from a standard latte or cappuccino, all the way to drinks similar to a mocha or an undertow.

Mocha Coffee recipe

For chocolate and coffee lovers around the world, the mocha is the ideal drink; a mix of smooth and sweet chocolate, coupled with decadent espresso shots, perfectly steamed milk, and topped off with whip cream. It is also a great introduction to coffee for those who are used to sweeter drinks.

Corto Shot

Corto shots (often synonymous with Ristretto) can be used as the basis for many other drinks but also work quite well drunk straight as an Espresso shot. Here are the methods and tips on making a good Corto shot.

Revvivare shot

Revvivare shots get their name from the Italian word Ravvivare meaning to revive. It was popularized in the UK and has quickly gained popularity through Europe and into Australia and New Zealand. It is essentially a double Cortissimo shot with a caffeine hit making it an ideal morning coffee. Here are the methods and tips on […]

Lungo Shot

Lungo shots are an alternative to the Americano, which is a shot of espresso topped up with hot water. The Lungo is a long full cup extraction through the ground coffee and can taste quite bitter and contains lots of caffeine. Without realising it many beginners use their pod machines at home and pull a full […]

Cortissimo shot

Cortissimo shots are used as the base for many other drinks particularly the flat white and Cortado but work well in other coffee options if you prefer a stronger taste and less caffeine. Here are the methods and tips on making a good Cortissimo shot.

Ristretto Shot

Ristretto shots (literally restricted) can be used as the basis for many other drinks but also work quite well when drunk as an Espresso shot. Here are the methods and tips on making a good Ristretto shot.

Espresso shot

Espresso shots are used as the basis for many other drinks including Americano, Cappuccino and Latte. Some prefer a double shot. An espresso shot is the amount of coffee used to brew an Espresso which is a very small, intense coffee drink.

Types of Coffee

Have you ever entered a cafe with friends, and had no real clue as to what everything on the menu was? Whilst walking through the doorway to the mythical land of coffee, almost everyone feels this sort of confusion. Today’s goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible when it comes to the […]