Best Beginner Espresso Machines

Getting into the world of espresso can be thrilling, but choosing the right machine can be daunting. Let’s break down what makes a good beginner espresso machine and look at some key options. This is NOT sponsored or full of affiliate links where we earn commission, this is an honest look at the machines I […]

Maltese Spiced Coffee Review

Quite a strong caffeine hit and this course ground coffee actually worked well in our espresso maker. The coffee is a medium dark roast with added spices, which actually worked really well. A hint of cinnamon evoked memories of a winter evening by the fire to escape from a cold day. Flavour notes: Warm spiced […]

A review of Pod coffee machines

When choosing a pod coffee maker there are so many to choose from. We would recommend taking a look at the various types of pods on offer and then choosing a machine based on that. Personally we will always choose a ground coffee maker as there is more choice and you have great control over […]

Alternatives to milk for coffee

A few weeks ago I found myself the proud owner of a milk allergy. I never realized how much it limited my choice when it comes to coffee leaving me with an Americano or espresso. I really like my Flat whites and Cortados, and sadly due to the amount of milk in them I am […]

Wacaco Minpresso Review and guide

Have you ever been traveling or camping, and you crave the sweet flavor of espresso, but there is no cafe in sight? The Wacaco Minipresso just might be the product for you. This portable and hand held espresso machine is simple to use, and produces very drinkable espresso shots.

How to use an AeroPress

Being invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the AeroPress has made a large impact on the world of coffee. This small coffee brewing device soars high in the ranks amongst the French press when it comes to making amazing coffee with ease.