Revvivare shot

Revvivare shots get their name from the Italian word Ravvivare meaning to revive. It was popularized in the UK and has quickly gained popularity through Europe and into Australia and New Zealand. It is essentially a double Cortissimo shot with a caffeine hit making it an ideal morning coffee.

Here are the methods and tips on making a good Revvivare shot.

Use 20 grams of ground coffee per shot only 100% Arabica medium roasted.

Grind: Extra Fine
Method:  Extraction with hot water under very high pressure, in two phases. A fast short initial extraction similar to the Cortissimo, but followed by a second extraction after a pause of 5 seconds to extract as much from the bean as possible. Tamp the coffee really firmly to maximize this extraction.

Duration: Extract 1.5 ounces per shot under very high pressure (half an ounce then one ounce). Extraction time is around 10 seconds and then another 15 seconds for the final ounce.

Crema should be a golden brown with a slightly bitter note but with a dominant chocolatey taste. The shot produced has more caffeine than a Cortissimo and tastes much stronger. Some Baristas prefer to do an initial fast 12gram extraction followed by a slightly longer 10 gram extraction.

Serve: In a regular sized cup and top up with micro foamed milk similar to a flat white called a Revolute. This is an ideal morning coffee.