Compare coffee types

Many people get confused with popular coffees so we are going to take a look at the most common ones people compare and see the differences in our coffee 1 vs coffee 2 guide.

Because coffees can have similar names or due to unfamiliarity it can be confusing so hopefully this simple pocket guide will help sort our the nuances of difference between the coffees.

Mochaccino vs Mocha

Mochaccino vs Mocha – The Mocha is made with chocolate syrup but a Mochaccino contains real chocolate. Taste wise they are similar but the syrups tend to make the Mocha sweeter.

Macchiato vs Mocha

Macchiato vs Mocha – A Mocha is made with chocolate syrup and hot milk with some foam, a Macchiato is just foamed milk and coffee and is sometimes called a dry cappuccino.

Latte vs Macchiato

Latte vs Macchiato – The Macchiato is foamed milk and coffee combined whereas the Latte is coffee and hot milk with very little foam.

Latte vs Mocha

Latte vs Mocha – a Latte is a milky coffee but a Mocha has added chocolate syrup.

Cappuccino vs Flat white

Cappuccino vs Flat white – Milk with large bubbles sits on top of the coffee in a cappuccino and it topped with chocolate dust. The Flat white coffee is blended with micro foamed milk usually swirled into a design or leaf shape. The flat white is stronger tasting and has a creamy smooth texture.

Cappuccino vs Latte

Cappuccino vs Latte – the Latte is a coffee with blended milk and coffee, usually in layers and served in glass with minimal foamed milk on top. The Cappuccino has foamed milk sitting on top and has sprinkles of chocolate on top. The main difference is the amount of foam and the cup it’s served in.

Cappuccino vs Macchiato

Cappuccino vs Macchiato – The Macchiato is foamed milk and coffee combined whereas the Cappaccino combines coffee and hot milk topped with lots of milk foam. A Macchiato  is sometimes called a dry Cappuccino due to the lack of warm milk.

Cappuccino vs Americano

Cappuccino vs Americano – The Americano uses coffee hot water and added milk whereas a cappuccino is an espresso shot with hot milk, and foamed milk added to the top.

Espresso vs Lungo

Espresso vs Lungo – the Lungo shot is bigger, contains more caffeine and has a more bitter taste than an espresso shot. Both are served in a small cup but the espresso does not fill the cup.

Espresso vs Filter

Espresso vs Filter – the espresso is a strong tasting coffee syrup, a filter coffee is made with lots of hot water so is less strong. The filter also reduces the bitterness of the coffee.

Espresso vs Ristretto

Espresso vs Ristretto – the ristretto shot is about half the size of an espresso, will often require more ground coffee, and boasts a strong almost sweet taste thanks mainly to the lack of caffeine and other bitter elements from this short extraction.

Espresso vs Americano

Espresso vs Americano – An americano is essentially an espresso shot which has been topped up with hot water and diluted.

Cortado vs Espresso

Cortado vs Espresso – the Cortado has micro foamed milk added in a 50/50 ratio to the coffee shot. Both contain similar amounts of caffeine and coffee but the Cortado has a smooth creamy taste.