Wacaco Minpresso Review and guide

Have you ever been traveling or camping, and you crave the sweet flavor of espresso, but there is no cafe in sight?

The Wacaco Minipresso just might be the product for you. This portable and hand held espresso machine is simple to use, and produces very drinkable espresso shots.

The Minipresso comes in three different styles. The GR uses ground coffee, the CA uses Caffitaly capsules, while the NS uses Nespresso capsules.

We are seeing a wide selection of portable coffee makers and espresso makers aimed at the outdoor enthusiast.


When comparing the GR to the CA and NS models, the only difference is that the GR uses ground coffee, while the other two are built to use specific coffee pods.

Meaning that while it may be more work to load the GR with the coffee, you may get a better taste, and you will have many more options than what the two proprietary capsule manufacturers make.

Instructions and guide to using the Minipresso for best results

  1. To use the Minipresso GR, (the other two are exactly the same, you just put the coffee pod inside instead of the ground coffee basket), you will need to first boil some water or carry hot water in a flask. Sadly, the Minipresso does not have a built in water heater, but because it is so small, I guess that can slide.
  2. While the water is boiling, unclip the built in espresso cup, unscrew the spout head that the espresso comes from, and then remove the filter basket. Set everything to the side, and then unscrew the water tank section, setting it upright. Inside will be a coffee scoop and the filter basket.
  3. From there, put one scoop full of finely ground coffee into the little filter basket, and then put it on top of the main body section. Do not tamp the grounds, as it could cause too much pressure to buildup inside. Though, it is perfectly safe to use the coffee scoop to level the bed of coffee grounds.
  4. Be sure to clean off any coffee grounds that get inside of the device. After that, screw on the spout head firmly, and fill the water tank with boiling water JUST before the max fill line. If you fill it anymore than that, when you close everything, it could leak and burn you. Carefully screw the water tank on, and then using both hands, twist both the spout and water tank until they stop moving, insuring their tightness.
  5. Once it is assembled with the coffee inside, unlock the piston to pop it out, and start squeezing. The first six or seven squeezes will soak the coffee grounds, so don’t think nothing is happening.
  6. As you keep pumping, you will notice espresso start to trickle out.
  7. Continue to pump and pump until no more comes out. Within a minute or so, you’ll have a wonderful shot of espresso waiting for you.
  8. Cleanup is pretty easy, despite it not being able to go in the dishwasher. Simply wash the spout and filter basket under running water, and use a wet towel to wipe down everything else.

Minipresso ratings and review

While the quality of espresso it produces will never be the same as a pump driven espresso machine, it is pretty great for how small and portable the contraption is.

It is very light to carry around and convenient to use. We would only recommend the Minipresso for infrequent use. The pressures generated inside combined with wear and tear can cause leaks to happen after heavy usage.

The piston has a tendency to seize in the pressed position.

Due to the way this device works you will not get a very hot espresso shot.

Minipresso Plusses 

So convenient to carry around and gives espresso shots everywhere
Works well and the coffee tastes great

Minipresso Negatives

You have to carry a flask of hot water with you
Will only produce a luke warm drink
Only made of plastic and can leak or seize
Can be fiddly to use and setup

We would give the minipresso a 6.5/10 rating for it’s convenience and ease of use but please note that it will never compare against a proper espresso maker nor was it intended to. The Minipresso is one of the best portable outdoor espresso makers around.