Indonesian vs Greek vs Indian vs Turkish vs Italian coffee

Every part of the world has their own way of brewing coffee. Something I found very interesting is that in regions that are world renowned for their coffee quality, the bulk of people drink coffee in very “primitive” ways.

Most of the following are simply coffee grounds added to simmering or hot water and poured out.

There is some variation in the beans and grind used but feel free to experiment at home with a stove top coffee maker.

The following coffees are all variations on the simple theme and can be quite easily made at home.

Kopi Tubruk – Indonesian Coffee gently simmered and sits for 3 minutes.

Greek Coffee – Strong black, gritty and sweet, 2 or 3 light boils and sit for 1 minute.

Turkish Coffee – Strong black, gritty and sweet 2 or 3 light boils and sit for 1 minute.

Indian Coffee – filter coffee, slow drip through coffee grinds on filter paper, very mild and few bitter notes.

Italian Coffee – the Espresso

This uses a high pressure coffee maker or stove top Moka Pot to create a dark intense shot of coffee. This is the most popular base for most other coffees from around the world.